100 Facts About Me

  1. Was born in Jakarta, 26 June 1998
  2. I was born in a hospital 
  3. Anak ke 3
  4. I'm a big dreamer. 
  5. I'm a moslem
  6. I love Allah SWT
  7. I love my family
  8. I love my friend
  9. I'm part of #Mazef
  10. I'm part of #Definitional
  11. I love orange color
  12. Good listener
  13. Don't like Harry Potter :/
  14. Too sensitive
  15. I'm not a quite person
  16. I often tell god what happened today before i sleep.
  17. I get my best ideas in the shower & in my bed
  18. I make mistakes, I'm out of control and at times hard to handle. 
  19. I don't care what people say about me
  20.  I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.
  21. Music is my escape from all the bullshit in life.
  22. I can't sleep if there is no bolster.
  23. I watch tv if i can't sleep at night.
  24. hard to control my emotion
  25. still searching for 'true friend'
  26. I hate backstabber
  27. Too addicted with Twitter.
  28. My phone always beside me. 
  29.  I like drawing something if i bored.
  30. Don't really like Shopping.
  31. I study if there's any homework or Tomorrow there is exam
  32. I have one brother and one sister.
  33. I like photography
  34. I've never taken alcohol
  35. I hate smokers who smokes infront of me.
  36. I'm not smoker :|
  37. I suddenly laugh when I remember funny moments with my friends  
  38. When i type "LOL" i'm actually not laughing.
  39. Don't like to keep animals
  40. I'm not a perfect person
  41. Maybe i have a lot of haters
  42. I can't be serious all the time.
  43. I don't like anything complicated
  44. I'm the youngest child at home  
  45. I don't like coffe
  46. I love vanilla! :D
  47. Narsis-_-
  48. Blackberry users
  49. Apple users
  50. copying my friend's homework in the morning
  51. i'm not good in Sains-_-
  52. unpredictable.
  53. I hate it when people thinks i'm nice, cause i'm not really a total nice person
  54. I don't like reading books without pictures in it :D
  55. I don't hate school. I just don't like the homework and exams part.
  56. When i like a song. I listen to it all day long until i get bored of it.
  57. I'm not a belieber. But i like some of Justin's song.
  58. Talkactive 
  59. Bring my handphone to everywhere, even when I'm going to bathroom
  60. I hate seeing my bestfriends cry
  61. Pernah dipanggil bk gara2 masalah yang menurut gue 'sepele'
  62. Gak suka di atur tapi suka ngatur orang
  63. Pernah di hukum di depan kakak2 kelas gara2 gak bawa sajadah pas ldks.
  64. spaming on timeline if i bored.
  65.  eating is my hobby!
  66. Lebih suka becanda sama temen di dunia maya
  67. Suka blogwalking kalo bosen.
  68. I know twitter since 2009
  69. But, my first twitter acc is hacked!
  70. i'm so weird.
  71. Mike Tompkins's big fans ;D
  72. I have Canon DSLR EOS 1000D
  73. Sayang semua orang♥:)
  74. Tergila2 sama pulau bangka! :DD
  75. Suka semua jenis makanan WAKAKA
  76. Lebih milih jujur daripada ngomongin orng di belakang.
  77. perceive regret is useless.
  78. Life is beautiful
  79. Bawa hidup santai aja.
  80. I love doll!
  81. I hate copycat!
  82. School is suck.
  83. Don't even talk to me with "lo".
  84. Suka bergadang 
  85. Gabisa di bentak guru. -_-
  86. Bukan anti 'alay' 
  87. When i was little. My family call me 'Rifa'
  88. My laptop color is brown
  89. Takut kegelapan.
  90. Suka banget sama social. 
  91. Bukan type cewek yang girly. 
  92. Gak suka mall. -___-
  93. Suka emosi gak jelas.
  94. Bosenan
  95. Orang jawa asli
  96. Pengen banget masuk sma 28 gatau kenapa.
  97. Punya 3 acc twitter
  98. want to be fashion stylists
  99.  butuh waktu lama buat nulisa 100 facts about me. .__.
  100. Still can't believe i can finish 100 facts about me :D

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