A Year Being A High School Student

A year ago, I went to my new school, as a new student, look like an idiot, walking alone in the hallway to my class to get an instruction  what should I bring in the next orientation day. I'm scared. Hell, I feel terrified. What if I can't socializing to other new students? What if I ended up don't have any friend? What if I don't have chair mate (sadly I do not have a chair mate in my orientation days)? What if... What if... What if... 

But thank God, when I go to my new class –like the official one, I do have a lot of friends! Yeay! although it took me a long time to adapt. And everything turned out to cool. I mean, have a lot of new friends, new school, new circle. 

And now, I'm officially grade XI student. Booyeah. E.X.C.I.T.E.D.


A Letter to My Best Friend

Dear my best friend,

            Hey, it’s been 2 years since we know each other, since you say I’m your best friend, and always be your best friend. Do you remember that? So how are you? How’s your new best friend? You know, I’m fine –totally fine. And guess what? My new best friend is so much better than you.

            Well, actually I’m not even sure, are we still best friend? Haha since I know your real personality, I though I’m not your best friend anymore. And if I see your new best friends, I think I’m not your type of best friend anymore. No, it’s not like I’m disappointed. I’m not. I’m fine with that.

            I don’t know who have to blame for this. Maybe that’s you –for being such a jerk and for your biggest bullshit, or we the blame is on me? For being trust you so easily, for being so stupid? Or maybe we can blame the situation for coming in bad timing. I know I shouldn’t believe you that easily. How stupid I’m.

            You know what? I’m so actually so innocent when you come. I don’t know how to react at your caring. I don’t know if someone can lie to other people just to make other people feel so happy. And I don’t know you’re one of them.

            How can you being jerk and romantic at same time? And I wonder why I can forgive you when you confess your biggest lie. Maybe it’s on your charm? And, congratulation boy, your charm has an effect on me.

            No, it’s not like I’m regret your existence in my life. I’m glad that you come to my life. You know what? You taught so many lessons. I can’t even write the lessons you taught me. There’s so much to write.

            One thing you have to know, you’ll always be part of my life.

With lots of love,



Bye 2012

Hi. Okay angep aja ini post terakhir gue di tahun 2012 ya.
So what happened in my December? Gak banyak sih. Gue tanggal 1&2 Desember research di Pacet. Dan december ini dipenuhin oleh ujian, yang di akhir bagi rapot minggu lalu. Minggu lalu, Defintional went to Dufan for photoshoot yearbook. Wohooo! Here's the sneak peek:

Karna Definitional photoshoot nya ngambil 1 hari class meeting, jadi kita bolos class meeting hari itu. Dan besok nya gue sakit gara-gara ke capek-an... Dan hari rabu nya, anak-anak Def buka stand loh di food festival pensi Sudirman! Stand Def buka 2 hari, hari Rabu&Kamis.
 Dan, di pensi Sudirman, X_O_Le boyband nya Definitional perform di depan anak Sudirman for the first time! But sadly, I can't upload the video... hehehe. ANDDDDDDD, abis pensi, anak def ke rumah kakeknya Sulthan buat photoshoot Definitional yearbook.

We head so much fun! Seru banget! kita cuma main-main disana. Jadi foto nya banyak yang candid.

Jadi disana ada balon helium gitu, jadi kita nulis wishes kita di kertas kecil, terus di terbangin di balon nya.
Dan, hari ini ada kabar buruk. Mama nya Azka baru aja meninggal. Tadi gue ngelayat bareng Amel, Almira, Fia, Ina, Mama nya Ina, Mama nya Amel, Farisa, Arik, Kak Ayu, Kak Sosor, Kak Kamal. My deepest condolence goes to you and your family Ka. I love you, stay strong. We're here for you. xoxox


Welcome to 9th Grade

Hi. It's just a quick and simple post from me.
So I haven't publish any post recently because I'm so busy with school. And this week gonna be a busy week too. I have an additional classes because next week I'll face directorate test. Plus, on Saturday until Sunday me and all of my friend –Definitional will g to Pacet to research. I'm so excited! But there's a lot of things to prepare. First, I have to make Chapter 1 of my report. Anyway my topic in this research is "Pembudidayaan Kacang Hitam di SMK N 1 Pacet". Bismillah. But because this program, I had to miss my try out in Quantum. After the directorate test, I'll face the final exam. Hhhhh. Welcome to the crazy life of 9th grade student everyone! 

P.s. I just got a bad news. My uncle passed away tonight. Even I'm not so close to him, but I'm so sad about this sad news. :(


Little Things


"I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape
You never want to know how much you weigh
You still have to squeeze into your jeans
But you're perfect to me..."

Performed: One Direction
Song Writer: Ed Sheeran 


All of sudden, I want to hug someone. Cry on someone’s shoulder. And I want her/him rubbing my back while hugging me and say “everything will be alright. Is that too much?