Welcome to 9th Grade

Hi. It's just a quick and simple post from me.
So I haven't publish any post recently because I'm so busy with school. And this week gonna be a busy week too. I have an additional classes because next week I'll face directorate test. Plus, on Saturday until Sunday me and all of my friend –Definitional will g to Pacet to research. I'm so excited! But there's a lot of things to prepare. First, I have to make Chapter 1 of my report. Anyway my topic in this research is "Pembudidayaan Kacang Hitam di SMK N 1 Pacet". Bismillah. But because this program, I had to miss my try out in Quantum. After the directorate test, I'll face the final exam. Hhhhh. Welcome to the crazy life of 9th grade student everyone! 

P.s. I just got a bad news. My uncle passed away tonight. Even I'm not so close to him, but I'm so sad about this sad news. :(

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