A Year Being A High School Student

A year ago, I went to my new school, as a new student, look like an idiot, walking alone in the hallway to my class to get an instruction  what should I bring in the next orientation day. I'm scared. Hell, I feel terrified. What if I can't socializing to other new students? What if I ended up don't have any friend? What if I don't have chair mate (sadly I do not have a chair mate in my orientation days)? What if... What if... What if... 

But thank God, when I go to my new class –like the official one, I do have a lot of friends! Yeay! although it took me a long time to adapt. And everything turned out to cool. I mean, have a lot of new friends, new school, new circle. 

And now, I'm officially grade XI student. Booyeah. E.X.C.I.T.E.D.

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